Are your seeking out Business Intelligence Solution for your customized needs?

  • Do you want a company for accurate and on time analysis of integrated enterprise data?
  • Do you want a sophisticated solution for quick sorting, filtering and ranking of data?
  • Do you want smart dashboard for customizing snapshots of operation?
  • Do you want forecasting analysis services for your historical product, sale, pricing and other data?
  • Do you want management for resource allocation, project scheduling, budget and other business consideration?

Important reasons choosing Business Intelligence Solution

  • Integration of Business Intelligence solution generates accurate data inputs.
  • Dashboard offer instant feedback, allow user to easily monitor operation defects and maintenance cost.
  • Allow you to easily identify and prioritize your business problems, so that you can easily manage your time in sorting out the issues.
  • Enhances the customer management and marketing intelligence within the shortest possible time.
  • Offers greater alignment of accountability that enhance your performance level at individual and business level.


Why to choose Algoworks for Business Intelligence Solution provider?

Algoworks deliver web based Business Intelligence Solution, allow user to easily create a customized report and summarize the metrics with high-level of accuracy. Facilitate data extraction, transformation and cube management using a unified and browser-based platform. Our specialized service ranges as a Business Intelligence solution are enhance data security, empowers data integration foundation, data sharing in collaborative environment, easy analytical functionality with end-to-end user accessibility. Our working team can conveniently go through business data, result calculation, report interaction and other performance collaboration that not only give in-depth information, but also give right direction to your company.

We offer agile, process compliant and quality driven services and solutions to our clients to different industry verticals like, Education, Logistics, Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Real Estate, Sports, Retail, CRM etc.


Algoworks Advantage

  • Algoworks has rich expertise in implementation of business intelligence applications across many industry verticals.
  • Skilled pool of technology and domain consultants
  • Process compliant and well established methodologies, frameworks and tools
  • Proven business application implementation across major industry verticals.
  • Successful application implementations at many startups and organizations


We are working with many clients as extended teams to collaborate in their application development objectives. We can help you as well. To have a free consultation, please contact us on or call +1-877-284-1028.