Looking for a technology team to develop SaaS based applications hosted on cloud?

  • Do you want to integrate metering and billing integration services for your organization?
  • Are you looking for Application migration and integration?
  • Do you want to implement Product testing, deployment and maintenance services for better performance?
  • Are you looking for Cloud data security, protection and backup?
  • Are you looking for Cloud readiness and ROI assessment solutions?

Cloud computing adverts to the deliverance of computing and reposition capacity as a service to an assorted community of users. Cloud computing confides the services like- Data, Applications, and Computation over a network.

The cloud based applications are stored on the server, and can be accessed from any part of the world, by using a computer, smart phone, etc. Cloud computing allows the applications to up and run faster with improved manageability and low maintenance cost. This flexibility helps to meet the fluctuating and unpredictable business demands.


If yes, then choose cloud computing technology services from Algoworks to help you in achieving your objectives.

  • Cloud readiness and ROI assessment
  • Cloud data security, protection and backups
  • Application development
  • Application migration and integration
  • Platform development
  • Metering and billing integration
  • Product testing, deployment and maintenance
  • Product performance monitoring
  • End user and technical documentation


Why Algoworks as your SaaS application development partner?

Algoworks, an Amazon web services partner is pioneer in providing innovative, cost effective, and customizable quality technology development and consulting services. We take pride in offering SaaS and Cloud based application development services to startups and organizations across US and Europe.

Catering agile, process compliant and quality driven services to clients from various industry verticals like,
Education, Logistics, Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Real Estate, Sports, Retail, CRM etc.


Our SaaS offerings include

  • SaaS assessment, planning, architecture and technology advisory
  • SaaS based application development
  • Migrating application to cloud platform and SaaS
  • SaaS hosting, deployment and vendor evaluation
  • Application support and maintenance
  • Cloud application automation testing
  • Cloud application performance testing


Algoworks Advantage

  • Algoworks has rich expertise in implementation of SaaS and Cloud based application across many industry verticals.
  • Skilled pool of SaaS and Cloud technology and domain consultants
  • Process compliant and well established SaaS and Cloud methodologies, frameworks and tools
  • Proven SaaS and Cloud implementation across major industry verticals.
  • Successful SaaS and Cloud implementations at many startups and organizations


We are working with many clients as extended teams to collaborate in their application development objectives. We can help you as well. To have a free consultation, please contact us on sales@algoworks.com or call +1-877-284-1028.


What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is employing computing resources, like hardware and software, that are delivered through the Internet as a service. It includes any service that expands IT’s capabilities over the Internet. The name ‘cloud’ is derived from a cloud-shaped symbol that is used to denote the Internet in flowcharts and diagrams. Cloud computing differs from traditional hosting as it is a pay-per-use service, users can regulate the amount of service they need at any time, and a provider manages it, and the consumer just needs a PC and Internet. Users get access to application software and database, while the cloud provider manages the platform running applications.


Why use Cloud computing as a Platform?

The usefulness of cloud computing is highlighted when there is a need to enhance IT capacity or increase IT capabilities without getting into new software licenses, personnel training and new infrastructure investment. When it comes to data sharing, cloud computing is beneficial as it brings down computing costs for companies when apps are stored on a cloud and accessed by users through a basic terminal. A cloud offers freedom for users as data and apps can be accessed anywhere though multiple devices such as cellphones, terminals and net books. Cloud computing is centralized resulting in 100% implementation with better security than a scattered network.