Education establishments and organizations across the globe have become more commercial in their outlook towards end user learning experience and their offerings. Technology advancements and newer platforms (Internet, Mobile, and Tablets etc) are becoming new mediums to offer learning on the go. They are changing the way information and learning solutions offered to students and communities and evolving engagement models with information provider to information seeker in a cost effective and efficient way.

To cater to the need to compete for students, organization and establishments are becoming more innovative and competitive and offering solutions that deliver improved customer experience and improved operational efficiencies.

To succeed, they require a technology partner who has proven skills in existing and newer mediums of information exchange and is able to design, implement and maintain software solutions that will improve business competitiveness and improved customer learning experience.

Internet and mobile technology offers following advantages to education industry :-

  • Internet and mobile technology has broken down geographical barriers and hence enabling information and knowledge flow to a broader level of students and communities.
  • These mediums can be used to provide services to cater different learning styles.
  • Online education and learning enables students to learn at their own convenience and pace.
  • E-learning enables students to access same standard of education as per their convenience and across the globe.
  • Online training and assessment provides a cost effective and efficient manner to train and instruct employees and students.
  • Administrative process automation for schools, colleges and institutions helps in reducing cost in manual processing of information, reduced operation errors and improved efficiencies.
  • Internet offers various collaboration and information sharing platforms like blogs, wikis, chats, forums, discussion boards etc


Services and Offerings

Our deployed solutions have been used by millions of customers across US and Europe daily to help them in their education, learning and collaborating needs. Our extensive knowledge in education and learning domain and technology skills enables us to provide best in class consultancy, development and testing services for wide range solutions that help education industry in utilizing power of internet and mobile technologies and enable them to offer services to global customers.

We helped establishments to reach their customers on SaaS based, multi-lingual, on-demand platforms which offers flexibility and cost effectiveness to end customers.

At Algoworks we offer following comprehensive portfolio of services to education organizations worldwide.

  • Learning Management Systems/Learning Content Management Systems
  • Document Management Systems
  • Web 2.0 Information Learning Solutions : Wikis, blogs, podcasts, webcasts solutions
  • Competency and Talent Management Solutions
  • Performance Management Solutions
  • Portal and Offline Solutions
  • Mobile and Tablets Learning Solutions: Websites, Apps etc
  • Collaborative Learning Web Services
  • Data mining and analytics solutions
  • Dash boarding and Reporting Solutions
  • Bespoke customer software development
  • Online Tutoring and Training Solutions
  • Online book management solutions
  • Information management solutions
  • Placement automation solutions
  • Alumni management solutions
  • Language learning solutions
  • Job boards portal and placement solutions


Advantage Algoworks

  • Algoworks has rich technical expertise in software implementation across platforms like Microsoft, JAVA and other open source technologies.
  • Skilled pool of domain experts and technology consultants
  • Best in class project management methodologies, frameworks and tools
  • Proven software implementation across US and Europe.
  • 25+ successful internet and mobile implementations for large to startup companies.
  • Collaborative agile methodology for software implementations


To plan your E-learning implementations or transform existing business to new platforms, send us a mail at or fill our service request form.