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Financial sector is one of the most dynamic markets, comprise capital management, banking, insurance and other financial sectors, needs to take proper care and attention at extreme level. A little bit mistake or inaccuracy can not only gives large-scale financial loss, but also weaken down the credit rating of an individual or a business. Not to say, errors or miscalculation are too common with manual works, so IT services has come up with premier software solution include Financial planning software, FX trading software, collateral management solution, financial software applications, invoice management software and risk management software solution that streamline work operation, while avoid any kind of error.


Significance of customized Financial IT solution for accommodating your financial processing needs

  • Financial planning software comes up with features include retirement planning, info of assessment, asset allocation and insurance details.
  • Offer real-time budget planning and capital analysis, allow to take right decision on market investment.
  • Foreign exchange trading software allow user to conveniently enter and exit trades with the comfort of their home or office.
  • Collateral management software provide high-level of convenience in grating the loan such as verify details, collateral, give relevant advice and reduces risk of credit loss.
  • Financial software application, offer full control over varieties of financial instruments and processing.
  • Financial management software exclusively deal in analysis of expected and calculated cash outgoing and working capital inflow.
  • Invoice finance software tracks the account receivable of the client and other monetary details to ensure whether the client is able to repay the fund or not.
  • Risk management software efficiently manages current and fore coming working capital to eradicate chances of huge credit loss in future.


Why Choose Algoworks as Finance and trading IT solution provider to deliver better customer care, flexible data processing and generate more ROI?

Algoworks employ industry’s one of the best developers for designing advanced software that easily maintain customer information, collateral data, credit count relationship and other core finance details with just couple of clicks. Finance industry cannot avoid risk factors whether it is stock exchange market, insurer and a private bank, so we have come up with exclusive risk management software that not only helps you out overcome capital crunch but elevate your credit rating at the apex. Our professionals helps in all ways to make smarter decision, maximize profit value and reduces unnecessary cost expenditure.


Our business offerings and specialization

  • Improved cash flow management – our experts handle individual projects, financial plans and mortgage projects with maximum accuracy and commitments. Employ mathematical models and exclusive options to build exclusive stock portfolio and manage working capital inflow.
  • Lowers credit risk – offer collateral management software solution that give predictable records of financial processing, so that one can get familiar with all the aspects of loss and profits prior to actual investment.
  • Financial planning software – allow user to easily handle their pay off debt, check out income resource and spending trends within just a seconds with high-level of accuracy.
  • Mortgage software – enables individual or professionals easily calculate the down payment for property, your credit rating, interest rates, cost comparing and payment schedule, so that one can ensure about buying a property.
  • Risk management software – efficiently calculates interest rate, exchange rate, equity rate, commodity prices and credit risk to aware clients about associated risk during any capital transaction and market investment.
  • End to end banking software – offer highly advanced collateral management of customer information, credit counts, transaction details, credit history and others.
  • Others Offerings – facilitate premier services for software development, installation, upgrading, renewal and maintenance at highly cost-effective rates.


Advantage Algoworks

  • Algoworks has rich expertise in implementation of internet, mobile and custom solutions across many retail domains.
  • Skilled pool of domain and technology consultants
  • Process compliant and well established agile development methodologies, frameworks and tools
  • 200+ successful implementations at many startups, small business and mid size businesses across US, Europe and Australia.
  • Collaborative agile and process compliant methodology for implementations


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