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We all love playing games. Puzzle games are engrossing as we keep hitting the right block to get the final result. Puzzles are such mind-boggling games which keeps both young and adults scratching their brains for that ultimate result. It gives you a break from your work by sharpening your gray matter. This amazing 3D puzzle is beautifully designed with a number of levels which keeps the excitement of the game alive. The colorful graphics and 3D view gives an amazing effect. The unique pattern making of the pyramid and matching of suitable block in order to attain the desired result throws a great challenge to the players. Players enjoy all the levels as complexity keeps progressing through various levels.

Salient Points

  • 3D pyramid games gives amazing look and feel to the players.
  • Enjoy various levels of the 3D Puzzle game.
  • Hit the correct block and make the desired tile.
  • Login with your credentials to know the final result.
  • The game is available in various languages like English, Chinese and Japanese.
  • Share your score with your friends on social network and get comments.

Business Domain
Technologies and Frameworks
Front End: Objective C, Backend: Php,xml,JSON, Framework: Cocoa Touch,Operating System: MAC OS 10.9.1, Database: MySQL,MBProgressHud

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