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About the App

In this mobile technology driven world, every small sized, mid capitalized or large enterprise is towards a journey of complete mobilization. Algoworks in recent past developed few valuable inspection applications which have shown tremendous positive changes in company’s workflow management and workforce productivity. One such application was an Ambulance Inspection Application.

Ambulance Inspection Application aims at offering transparent and specialized inspection process throughout the ambulances in England. This application fosters completion of clean audit process of hospitals. The application requires field executives to visit the location, investigate vigilantly, collect the complete data, make evaluations and return back with the necessary findings and investigations. This was one of our valuable accomplishment thereby going paperless with mobile inspection application form on various mobility platforms.

Salient Points

  • Allows user to conduct Ambulance Inspection Audits and report their cases.
  • The application allows your Inspectors to capture various relevant data which includes area, address, the questionnaire about the audit, the assignment and the evaluation.
  • The application can be an useful aid for various types of audits (having different workflow) which can be planned and conducted for Ambulances.
  • The application categorically checks for oxygen systems,suction systems, diagnostic equipment, bandages, dressings, infection control system, obstetric supplies, patient comfort supplies, cardiac monitor and other necessary medications.
  • The inspector can make complete detailed investigation report and send the inspection rating. Signature capture is also offered with this application.
  • Extensive inspection app makes sure all the necessary inspections are done and supplies are stocked on board.

Business Domain
Objective C,Java,.NET,PhoneGap,SQL Server.Net

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