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About the App

Smartphones and mobile devices are being rapidly used on a day-to-day basis, not only for making and receiving calls but also for various other activities. Commercial business is one such activity which can be easily conducted through smartphones. M-commerce which can be defined as ,’business transaction that are made using mobile devices’ might someday exceed brick and mortar store sales. Smartphone market explosion has made m-commerce as a very important e-commerce branch. There are many mobile commerce applications which includes mobile banking apps, location mapping apps, mobile shopping, ticketing and the list goes on and on. M-commerce mobile applications validates the testimony, ’Pictures are worth more than a thousand words’.

Catering to the needs of retail industry, team of Algoworks developed a mobile application, Beauty Buyer which allow users to search available appointments with health and beauty specialist. Application also allow users to book an appointment at a later date if the same is not available at that particular time.

Salient Points

  • Search for health and beauty specialist appointments in your location.
  • Book an appointment with your favourite beauty specialist and know more about them.
  • Freely search from large database of health, spas and beauty care experts.
  • Check out the beauty and spa deals in your location and book your appointment.
  • Filter the results with different criteria like Search Near Me, City Name, Selected Date.
  • Book an appointment for later dates, if the same is not available at that particular time.
  • Users can even place a bid for a selected service and if the bid meets a certain criteria he/she can purchase the same service with the bid amount.

Business Domain
Technologies and Frameworks
Objective C, Cocoa framework, XCode IDE, SQLite, iOS Libraries

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