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About the App

With growing trend of instant chat applications available in market, chatting is the latest communication craze and kids are the most affected by it. No matter where ever you go you’ll always find some teen kids around with their head stooping on their digital devices busy typing their chat replies or sending text messages. The concept of chatting has become contagious. Kids are seen chatting in subway trains, at the trains, at the restaurants, even in the malls and buses too. In most of the cases even the adults are not spared.

Various chatting applications like Viber, WhatsApp, iMessage have become viral among the kids. At this point of time, chat monitoring applications has become a necessity to keep a record of your child’s digital life and know if all is going fine.

Salient Points

  • Engaging chat monitoring application both for kids and parents.
  • Application allows parents to view the chat screens as the chat gets saved at regular interval of time.
  • Application minutely keeps track of each chat from kids account and parents can easily view and monitor the chat.
  • Chat Monitoring Application also shows the duration of chat in form of graphs.
  • Application also creates logs of chat and therefore, parents can easily observe these chat logs and keep a check on it.
  • Chat Monitoring Application as a spy tool can be accessed by parents anywhere and anytime. Parents can even check the old chat logs and save the same.

Business Domain
Social, Utility
Technologies and Frameworks
iOS,spring-hibernate, Objective C, Java, MySQL

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