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About the App

With the increase of technology and the comfort it provides to users, putting up an e-store has become one of the fastest growing investments, that for sure provides benefits today as well as in future. There has been an ever growing need of safe and secured online payment framework which offers an easy and streamlined online solution which in turn eases credit card processing for any type of events (conferences, meetings, seminars, business dinners, and more). Online payment management software eases m-commerce and merchandising. With so many products and users, the need of trusted and easy-to-use e-commerce shopping cart software also arises to provide a secured gateway and online business needs of e-businesses in the market.

Devised by Algoworkians Dealers Tablet application allows our client to easily process the credit card transaction during a product sale while in the home with the customer. Application allows dealers to easily manage their business through an electronic order form application. Take a product (book) order electronically, with product lists customized based on your dealer organization.

Salient Points

  • Drives safe and secured payment processing of online sales.
  • Extensible feature of ROAM Data ensures secured payment processing system.
  • Dealers Tablet application makes the customer eligible for various pricing plans against their orders.
  • The application easily captures the customers’ signatures which is completely safe in the system.
  • Ability to capture payments: cash, check, and credit card.
  • Streamlined processing of checks via EFT and credit cards are processed in real-time.

Business Domain
Enterprise, Retail and Shopping
Technologies and Frameworks
Objective C,Java,Sql Lite, MySQL
Android (Tabs),iOS

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