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About the App

Document Image Capture Application allows client to take a photo of their paper order form, the Remittance copies and upload it into their Record of Sales directly from their smart device. Just by having internet connection on your smartphone you can make easy sales and purchases, safely and securely. As a dealer you just need to enter an appropriate remittance number and check your sales order. Application will search dealer’s Record of Sales and present customer name and order date for verification. It incorporates the ability to take photo of Order Form or can even pull an existing photo from your photo gallery. It quickly compresses the photo image and uploads to Record of Sales quickly.

Salient Points

  • Easy entering your remittance number and checking of Record of Sales.
  • Streamlined sales and purchase order.
  • Easy and quick uploading of images of your order.
  • Quick search results based on remittance number.

Business Domain
Enterprise, Retail and Shopping
Technologies and Frameworks
Objective C,Java,Sql Lite, MySQL

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