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About the App

It is said that “Dreams don’t die” and yes exactly they don’t, especially with innovative mobile application like the Dream Sharing App. Technology has allowed you to store the priceless thoughts, feelings and expressions of your subconscious mind. Dream Sharing App enables you to share your dreams with others in a quick and easy manner. Such engaging application also allows you to change the visibility of your dream as there may be chances that you do not want an individual to come to know that you dreamt about her/him.

Salient Points

  • Register your dream with The Dream Sharing App.
  • Select funny emoticons of the Dream Sharing App which gives more life to your dreams.
  • ‘My Dreams’ allows you to keep log of your dreams.
  • Use ‘Dreams feed’ to check out other dreamers.
  • Use the option of ‘visibility settings’ and change the visibility of your dream. You can keep your dream private and keep it in your dream log for your own record.
  • Use ‘Add dream’ with over 50 emoticons and express your dreams in a more creative manner.
  • Dream Sharing App allows you to share your dream with your friends on Facebook or via email.
  • As a premier database of non-conscious connections Dream Sharing App help us all understand how we all humans are connected universally.

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