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About the App

Today every small and mid-sized organization wants to go paperless. Mobile applications developed for smart phones and tablets have made it possible to streamline every step of the organization i.e collection, analysis and reporting of data.

Tech heads at Algoworks have engineered Elevator Inspection Application for its client which is an amazing inspection application and solves many paper oriented problems and manual data entry errors and delays. It saves a lot of time, effort and money therefore increases efficiency of field collectors and on-site workers.

Application Highlights:

Elevator Inspection Application, developed specifically for inspectors ensures that operating elevator units are tested and inspected for proper functioning. Keeping the elevators safe and functional is one of the most important duty of building administrators. For many small and mid-sized corporations it has become a mandatory exercise to perform compliance and safety inspections by a government agency.

Salient Points

  • Using Elevator Inspection App, on-site executives can conduct detailed inspection covering each major system and component of elevators.
  • The web application part of the system generates Work Orders for inspections and inspectors are then assigned to these work orders.
  • The mobile app records the inspection data for a work order and sends it back to our servers.
  • Servers then process this data and generate report and certificates to be handed over to the client.
  • Retrieve PDFs of the conducted inspections.
  • Ability to send and receive push notifications with relevant alerts.

Benefits of Rich-featured Elevator Inspection Application:

  • Less time is spent in collecting and entering data and more time is focused on process efficiencies.
  • Errors are significantly reduced, and richer data is collected, including photos, video GPS coordinates, and automatic date and time stamping.
  • A high level of security can be employed with user authentication, password protection, and automatic backups. This means no more lost forms, and data can only be viewed and edited by authorized individuals.
  • Since real-time data is instantly uploaded, managers can be alerted when new information is available or action needs to be taken.
  • Increased Productivity as on-site workers are mobile and provide real-time access to centralized back-end data stores.
  • Eliminates Redundancy as data is entered once and transmitted to everyone who needs it in minutes.
  • Improves Workforce Management. With the GPS tracking and mapping feature, managers can directly assign tasks to on-site workers based on their locations.
  • Ensure safety of people and equipment.
  • Keep elevators in a good working order.
  • Avoid data malpractices.
  • Improve data accuracy.
  • Eliminates paperwork and helps to go green.

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