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About the App

Mobile computing has just unleashed the doors for mobile users where they get plenty of domains from which they can choose relevant mobile application based on their requirement. The way people are using mobile applications for varied purposes have changed since the last few years. At the same time how people engage their personal finances and trading accounts have changed considerably. Today, traders look for mobility trading instead of that old idea of sitting back and watching the ups and downs of stocks and bonds.

Mobile applications on smartphones allows us to stay ahead of the world by keeping us updated all the time. With multiple options available for trading these days the number of people engaged in trading has also increased, therefore increasing the competition.

Financial Training App is engineered to let you learn more smarter ways of trading. It opens the door to Mobility Trading options. It allows you to understand the financial and trading technicality more closely and precisely. Now, don’t take risk with your finances by investing blindly in stocks and bonds instead learn trading techniques with Financial Training App. Financial Training App, fetches real time data from market using Yahoo stocks prices and helps you to learn trading by allowing you to buy and sell virtually. Therefore, Financial Training App is a complete financial application which allows you to manage your investment portfolio and keeps a track of each seconds’ record of your shares. Learn while you invest your time and eventually you will get return on your investments.

Salient Points

  • Simple to learn and very user friendly.
  • Safe and secured way of learning trading in real time market.
  • Instant Access, no registration or username password is required.
  • Technical Charting Tool and graph representation.
  • Intuitive Navigation.
  • Access to real time data using Yahoo Stock prices.
  • Understanding depth of market share.
  • Real Time share trading management but only virtually.
  • Filter searches for your choice of stock.
  • You can fix the buying and selling prices and virtually learn trading.
  • Check out the profit and loss earned on your sale and purchase.
  • Graphical representation of your share price variation for the last six months.
  • You can freeze your profit target and learn trading tactics.
  • You can add your own profit and loss statement graph representation in Financial Training App.

Business Domain
Technologies and Frameworks
ObjectiveC, SQL Lite, UIKIT, Foundation, CoreGraphics, MessageUI, QuartzCore System Configuration, CorePlot, FMDB, MDSpreadView, CHCSVParser
iOS(iPhone and iPad)

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