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About the App

Computer based learning portals have replaced the conventional studying methods. Algoworks, for one of it’s esteemed client developed an interactive and engaging e-learning application. Global Education application allows people around the globe to publish, share, and access study materials and practice tests for all learning subjects and categories. It acts as a distribution platform for large and small publishers. Such practice tests can be easily accessed even from your smartphone while you are on the go, online or offline.

Global Education Application is an online/offline test application wherein the user can complete a test of subscribed products that he/she has purchased from the website. Once the test has been purchased from the website, it is synced to the iPhone and then all the relevant data is saved to the application database so that the test can be performed offline and then it can be synced back to the server.

Salient Points

  • Application allows easy and simplified data syncing mechanism to facilitate tests in online/offline modes.
  • For easy accessibility practice test modes are available.
  • Users can take the test assessment after the test is over.
  • Application allows test review feature so that users can view questions that has been answered, skipped etc.
  • Application gives users provision to transfer test data to the server, so that next time test data is available for use, virtually from any device.
  • The application offers syncing mechanism from both the ways, as when the user has given a test on website, the same test can be synced to the device and vice-versa.

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