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About the App

We know kids don’t like cramming books and learning hefty tutorials. Rather they love learning while playing. It is the best way to improve the learning skills of your kid. Learning while playing is fun both for kids and adults. Psychologists says that picture representations improves kids’ learning abilities and memory. Kids Learning App is one such joyful mobile application which educate and entertain your young learners for long hours. Application gives kids an excitement as they come across colorful patterns of questions.The colors and figures attract kids which relives their excitement of learning and keeps them going. From phonics to maths, from science to singing, Kids Learning App keeps your kids engaged and give them a genuine pleasure for learning. The content, visual and pictorial representation is appropriate for preschool through second grade kids.

Salient Points

  • Enjoy fun and educational videos on various subjects which makes learning fun.
  • Learn subjects like Math, Reading, Science, History, Spanish, Sign Language.
  • Teach your kids the moral values like honesty, respect and much more with this learning application.
  • Kids Learning App offers you personalized progress tracking systems where parents can easily identify the areas of improvement.
  • Nurture your child’s learning ability with this colorful and technically equipped application.
  • Enriched with content helpful for kids overall mental growth.
  • Check child’s progress report using personalized profile.
  • Integrated with audio and video clips functionality where you can download learning video/audio in your smartphone, therefore can use it for future learning purpose.

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