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About the App

Gone are days when in our childhood days we used to spend days in reading poems from our colorful books and nights on grandma’s lap and sleep by listening her stories. The world of fairy tales and magical clouds in this era, have touched our life in form of technology and electronic gadgets. Tablets, smartphones and of course mobile applications and online videos are among the recent technology advancements which have contributed in making learning and education fun for your kids. The mobile applications along with the devices are easy to swipe and quiet simple to deal with. The devices along with the mobile applications interact with your toddlers in an interesting fashion through engaging sounds, sights, funny animations and more. These tablet and smartphone mobile applications designed for your toddlers, preschoolers and children keeps them engaged all day and therefore holds their concentration for longer.

Team of Algoworks skillfully developed a great intuitive application for toddlers, preschoolers and even for adults. Kids Nursery Rhymes which is a perfect collection of well known nursery rhymes videos at one place. Whether he is your powerful Superman or Princess Cinderella, these Nursery Rhymes are best gifts for your kids. This can be a exemplary gift for your little one as they can spend the entire day browsing all by themselves.

Salient Points

  • Kids Nursery Rhymes is an intuitive application well-designed for pre-schoolers or kids aged 1 year old, 2 years old, 3 years old and 5 years old.
  • Engaging and lovely graphics keeps your kids happy.The combination of positive color, soothing animation, welcoming sound effects and embracing interactive features of application is good for your kids mind, body and soul.
  • The rhymes videos are carefully handpicked by our team of parenting experts. No compromise on quality and authenticity.
  • Users can login in the application through their social networking account of Facebook and therefore can save the favourite rhymes in the playlist.
  • The application is quite simplified for easy access of your kids, therefore for playing the next video you do not have to click, but the next video gets automatically played for you.
  • Instant access of best selection of Nursery Rhymes as the homepage itself has very lovely collection of your favourite rhymes as thumbnails.
  • Application is so doable that kids can easily tap their fingers and watch the videos of Rhymes.
  • Kids love variation in vocal tone. Kids Nursery Rhymes keeps them excited and helps them to learn about the natural sounds of a language.
  • Kids Nursery Rhymes also help your kids to learn to play with words.By tuning their ears to these rhymes they learn to hear different sounds and miming the same by imitating helps them to combine and blend words and actions together.
  • They tune our ears to all the sounds in the word. By hearing different sounds we learn how sounds combine and blend together to form a word.
  • Applications like Kids Nursery Rhymes on smartphones like Android entertains your child, encourages them to react quickly. When your baby or toddler touches these apps they develop hand-eye coordination and becomes proficient in touching objects on tablet.

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