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About the App

Evolution and adaptability of next generation network environments on mobile devices, teaching and learning could be ubiquitous, location independent and personalized on mobile devices. Mobile tablets are becoming popular in classrooms around the globe. Teachers, students, professors and even the management team are seen with common accessory tablets. Contemporary ways to support learning process over emerging mobile technology, such as mobile tablets, smartphones, personal digital assistants (PDAs),allows students/teachers to access information and learning materials from anywhere and at anytime. Furthermore, they have chance to control time they want to learn and from which location they want to learn.

With an idea of spreading education to nook and corner of world and enriching learning roots by the process of digitizing, a globally acclaimed establishment approached Algoworks Technologies for helping them out. Together with the managerial and technical skills, team of professionals at Algoworks, offered its client with scalable online learning framework i.e Learner and Planner Application.

Salient Points

  • Learner and Planner is a well-organized, easily navigable and powerful application which incorporates valuable information for students.
  • Application clearly defines the relevant and useful content under heads of leadership, accountability, difference and events.
  • Learner and Planner eases planning activities and events for students. Using various filters, users (the students/teachers) can simplifies the process of planning and learning.
  • Application categorically displays the content (in form of website, video etc.) which gives a bird’s eye view to users about the topic they are searching for.
  • Learner and Planner, also plan activities and events for you in advance and so you can easily keep a watch and track them accordingly.
  • Goal deciding and meeting is another important role which learner planner application offers to its users. Users can create their goals and keep a track on them using reminders and completion feature of application.

Business Domain
Education, Enterprise
Android,iOS(OBJECTIVE C),MessageUI,Quartzcore,CoreData,Foundation,UIKit
iOS, Android

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