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About the App

Want to send yourself a geo-based reminder, a checklist, or note when you arrive at the office, a departmental store, or any other destination?
Want to let your family or office colleague know where you are heading to? Want to tell them whether are you at grocery shop or out of town for some business meet?
Want to update your friends that you are on vacation?
Do you need a tool which helps you in managing a geo-fence based marketing campaign?
Here we have Location Sharing App for you. Take control of your mobile location with Location Sharing App, which helps you to subscribe various location based services and lets you create your own “geo-messages” which you can trigger using your location.

Salient Points

  • Use of various signals like GPS, WiFi etc to attain your location.
  • Keeps running in background in order to provide geo messaging services.
  • With over 15,000 miles of data capture.
  • Takes care of all privacy settings.
  • Does not store running history on your location updates therefore the location is captured only when it is required to deliver or provide an app service.
  • Does not disclose your location-related information to any third party.
  • A communication based application which stores your private messages. These messages created through Location Sharing App is stored locally on your mobile device and not on servers therefore it is completely safe and secure.

Business Domain
Utility,Travel,Retail and Shopping,Consumer
Technologies and Frameworks
HTTP client, Java, PHP, Objective C,SQLite, MySQL
Android,iOS, Facebook

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