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Survey speaks that two-thirds of U.S consumers owns at least two loyalty cards with grocery stores, foodie bays, utility payment stores. Customers are delighted when they are recognized. Carrying plastic cards is cumbersome process.Loyalty Mobility Program App is one such smart reward program app which offers you best fit rewards every time. On loyalty cards, customers receive good discounts on marked items which in turn help stores to identify which items is popular amongst their loyal customers. Is your business yet aligned with Mobile Loyalty Programs?

Researchers also explains that businesses of all magnitude, size and field must choose Mobility Loyalty Cards in form of Mobile Application. Growing use of mobile technology has led to the aggressive explosion of mobile-based customer loyalty programs and therefore allowed customers to clear away the excess of paper, even the plastic cards from their wallets yet enjoy rewards on the go.

Yankee Group, validates that 60% of consumers own smartphone and 64% of those consumers want round the clock internet connection on their mobile and 40% of them use some or other form of retail coupon app on their smartphone. The researchers also embraced the growing need of such Mobility Loyalty Program offering mobile apps where consumers can collect and redeem loyalty points on the go. Mobile loyalty programs incentivize spending and therefore customers spend more. Therefore, retailers are passing the message to the customers, “Keep buying, and keep collecting rewards.” They are in a way saying, why to go to an alternate shop when two or more purchases at Subway will get you a free Sandwich!! New customer acquisition- about 40% of customers have changed their habits by maximizing loyalty rewards. Some benefits these Mobility Loyalty Apps offers to business are:

Increased customer visit frequency.
Increased activity tracking.
Increased product awareness.

Salient Points

  • Loyalty Mobility Program Application allows easy access of your reward points therefore you can track your reward points on the go.
  • Available across wide range of platforms thus making it easier to track and avail rewards.
  • Ensures best fit and best possible rewards always.
  • Secured storage of your reward points on the cloud.
  • Location based rewards amazes you by bringing rewards when you reach a special shopping area in your city.
  • Immediate update of various reward points you just earned.
  • Earn more while you share more. Earn more points as rewards while you spread word to your friends.
  • Share via Facebook and Twitter and keep earning.
  • Get connected with your real time loyalty programs and check your remaining points and vouchers.
  • Never lose what you have earned as it stays in your phone.

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Retail and Shopping,Consumer,Enterprise
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