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About the App

Survey clearly validates that in the U.S. mobile penetration is 101%. It explains very well that at least one phone is available with every American. This is because mobile phones are now much more powerful than our PCs which we used in 80s and 90s. Also, the statistics depicts that total of 48 million people play games on smart phones and tablets. Therefore, we cannot deny the fact that gamers are growing annually substantially.

Algoworks has devised the most exciting way to relieve all your boredom by launching one of the most fabulous games ever i.e the Multiplayer Gaming App. Multiplayer Gaming App is a new puzzle game which is very similar to many of the classic multiplayer games. We fabricated the game with a goal to place dots on the grid in a manner that it result in more connections. Two adjacent dots will give 1 connection, 3 dots placed as a triangle will give 3 connections, and 4 dots placed as a square will give 6 connections. To witness more challenging aspects of game play against more opponents.You must strike the perfect balance between playing offensively and defensively. We all use only 10% of our brain in our daily routine work so keep polishing your brain to save it from getting rusted.

Salient Points

  • Learn techniques of blocking your opponent’s effort to win the game.
  • A great brain teaser which can be summarized as addictive deployment of shapes and strategies to win.
  • 10 Different Backgrounds.
  • Openfeint enabled.
  • Sharing is fun. Share your scores on Facebook and Twitter.
  • 3 Difficulty levels easy, medium and hard.

Business Domain
Games, Business Domain
Technologies and Frameworks
Titanium, HTML5, Java/NodeJs,Java + Spring, Sql Lite, MySQL
iOS, Android

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