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Busy parents face many challenges while teaching their kids. Every parent would agree to the fact that preschoolers are notorious and erratic and they start throwing tantrums whenever you try teaching them. Educational games are one of the best way for grooming your children’s learning skills.

Application Music Animal can be of great help for such parents. Music Animal is such an amazing educational tool available. Not only kids enjoy playing ‘quiz games’ but adults also benefit from taking these picture quizzes and have lots of fun! Application Music Animal help children in recognizing images of various domestic and wild species. Children learn to recognize animals from their images and get aware of other new facts about animals. Forget spending lot on books and encyclopedia, rather learn while you play.

Music Animal application runs a quiz game which is point and life based system. Kids will enjoy playing quizz as the game is all about choosing the correct picture of animal for which sound has been played. Each correct answer will add 10 points and wrong answer will deduct 5 as well as costing player a life. The quizz game ends when all the provided 3 lives are eroded. Players can also share their scores on Facebook.

Salient Points

  • A great learning application for kids and preschoolers.
  • Music Animal helps your kids in recognizing animals.
  • Music Animal brushes recognition and listening skills of your kids.
  • Music Animal application provides perfect content and interactive elements suitable for growing kids.
  • The large screen of iPad gives a great combination of primary colors and high contrasting graphics layout which evokes exploration and discovery among kids.
  • Music Animal is a perfect picture quiz for kids, as it is a great way of making your kids familiar with all the species and he/she will learn new and interesting things about them.
  • Play quizz for animals and share your scores on Facebook. Kids love when you share their accomplishments among friends and family.

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