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About the App

Don’t get lost on unknown routes and roads. Driving on unknown roads can be risky at times especially while you are driving alone. Walk through the unknown paths and stay alert with Navigation Utility Application. This application maps all unknown paths and stores them. On another instance there may be a chance that while you are driving you come across a meteor which could be an amazing moment. You would certainly like to capture this moment in your camera. Check out this application Navigation Utility Application where you just do not have to bother yourself to search for camera in your smartphone while you are driving. Navigation Utility App will capture your memorable and interesting moment while you are driving and will save for future. You can save these clips using cloud services and can view later online. Another unique feature of this application is that it stores the video/clip if your vehicle meets with a collision. This will help in analyzing the reasons of accident more precisely. The application records videos of unlimited length depending on the availability of space on your memory card.

Salient Points

  • Get navigational path on unknown roads.
  • Helps you in capturing the interesting moments which you cannot while you are driving.
  • Check videos online using cloud services.
  • Save clips of various bandwidths.
  • Dropbox integration where you can save the video in your personalized Dropbox.
  • Auto focus for recording.
  • Delete the unnecessary videos.

Business Domain
Technologies and Frameworks
Native Android framework, Backend – PHP, Java,JQuery,SQL Lite, Mongo DB

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