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About the App

In our offices we have various departments which performs numerous processes. These processes perform many small and big tasks which requires complete diligence and accountability. Having a streamlined workflow and well-managed business process improves productivity. With the technological advancements and growing need of consumers, there are many mobile applications which suffice to the business requirement of these consumers. Developed by the team of adroit software developers, Office Receptionist allows to notify employees about the arrival of the visitor and also prints a visitor card for them.

Salient Points

  • Application enters the details of the visitor in office and save the details into database. This is similar to the process of maintaining visitor register in office.
  • Visitors using this application can select the person they want to meet and upon selecting the desired employee the visitor can meet him/her.
  • The employee comes to know about the visitor through SMS alert or an email.
  • The user of this application can also allow employees to check their tweets while they receive appointment mail through email or SMS alert.
  • The application also maintains the database of the visitors, therefore visitors do not need to enter the details again, instead the application welcomes the user and just asks him/her if he/she wants to visit the same employee which he/she had visited last time, thereby saving a lot of time.

Business Domain
Technologies and Frameworks
Objective C, Sql Lite, MySQL

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