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About the App

Survey from a nonprofit global information security association which was previously known as the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) states that approximately 58% of consumers who own smartphones also have location-based applications. People are frequently using the feature of geolocation to send their friends their current location, tagging photos on social media or sharing photos on Facebook. Many small businesses and large enterprises use these geo-location based mobile applications which helps them in their sales and marketing data collection purpose. These geo-based application help in many behavioral pattern collection of customers data.

This Phone Location Tracking Application is one such amazing location based application which identifies the location of incoming and outgoing calls and your Phone Book contacts. The moment you get an incoming call from an unknown caller you get perturbed about this fake caller. This Tracking Application allows you to check the callers geographical location with country/state/city code.The same can be helpful while you are making a call. You as a caller can also get to know the geographical location of the person you are dialing to. The application also displays the last communication record with that phone number. This application also allows you to browse your phonebook which can be sorted with geographical location of your contacts.

Salient Points

  • Displays the last communication time with a particular phone number.
  • You can use this application as Mobile Number tracker to find out which country, state or city the mobile number belongs to.
  • You can view the recent call log for the phonebook contacts with their geographical location.
  • You can also view the operator’s details for all the numbers.
  • Right now you can use the application in India, USA, UK and other countries will be added to the list soon.
  • This Phone Location Tracking Application enables you to know the location of Incoming Calls, Mobile Contacts, Mobile Numbers & any Phone Number which includes country code, state and city.
  • Right now you can use the application India, USA, UK and other countries are soon adding in the list.
  • Browse your Mobile Phone Contacts sorted by locations (at Country/State/City level).
  • Block Calls and SMS from unwanted phone numbers & Callers.
  • It will also show Telephone Operator of the mobile or landline phone number initially assigned to.
  • For all incoming calls, it also tells time of last communication with that mobile or landline phone number.

Business Domain
Utility, Consumer
Technologies and Frameworks
Sql Lite, MySQL

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