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The universal appeal of playing online games is amazing. Even the researchers have shown that one in four internet users visit online games websites and this brings the total to more that 200 million online gamers worldwide. These online gaming communities are populated by people from all age groups including men and women both. People spend time playing strategy, board and trivia games. Playing games have many health benefits including boosting memory and developing cognitive skills.

A-Game foster social interaction and you stay connected with outside world. Algoworks Technologies for one of its elite client engineered a fabulous and user engaging gaming application, Pop Culture Challenge Game. It has world class features and the game is highly challenging. Though there are vast range of games available on web, but Pop Culture Challenge beholds such flashy and eye catchy attributes which insist gamers to get their hands on it. Pop Culture Challenge is devised to relieve you from boredom.

Salient Points

  • Pop Culture Challenge offers gamers various categories, from which they can make relevant choice. Gamers can select the category from music, animation, games, television and movies.
  • Engaging features and fascinated visuals of game keep gamers busy.
  • The game is based on variety of questions which are multiple choice questions, subjective ones and one word based.
  • Pop Culture Challenge Game is devised minutely, which includes all flashy features therefore keeping gamers hooked up.
  • Gamers have chance to earn money also.
  • Gamers can login with their Facebook credentials and share their updates of games with their friends.
  • Gamers can play Pop Culture Challenge game with their friends and can choose the Random players available for playing.
  • Gamers can play game in Singleplayer and Multiplayer mode and can take Random Challenge and Live Challenge.

Business Domain
Games, Social
Technologies and Frameworks
Flash CS 5.5, 5.4, Actionscript 3.0, WEB, Javascript, PHP, Symfony Framework, MySQL, Youtube Ad integration , Virool Gviral, Yume, Spotx and 7 other Vast/Vpaid Ads within Youtube
iOS, Android, Website

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