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About the App

One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency. This is what the motto of our highly sophisticated and technically driven Android Health application . This Red Cross Medical Health Application is meant for users ‘in case of emergency’ which allows their family members with easy access of health related information. Using this application you can now store your medical history life blood types, allergies, medication and emergency contacts.

Unlike other medical and health applications, this health application not only allows you to enlist all health related problems but using extensive feature of Red Cross Medical Health Application, now it is quiet easy to create digital records for yourself. With all important facts and figures at one collaborated place, health application designed by Algoworks,is a one stop solution for your loved ones and your family members. Application supports a framework from where you or your family member can access vital data such banking information, wills, financial information, legal documents, digital passwords and credentials which is of utmost importance in case of emergency. This health and medical application keeps you and your family members in peace.

Salient Points

  • Medications: Adding medications and dosage can help emergency responders in knowing that what medications you are taking which helps in knowing the potential complications that may occur by mixing medications.
  • Medical History:You can add your previous medical history or any chronic illness which may help emergency responders in knowing more detail about your illness and wellness.
  • Profiling: You can make your profile in order to make easy for emergency responders to identify you.
  • DigiLife Locker: DigiLife Locker feature of app, helps you in creating securely your vital medical information and other confidential details and allowing your loved ones to know in case of emergency. The DigiLife Locker incorporates within timer     facility which allows setting countdown timer when documents in locker are released to specified recipients.
  • Allergies and Blood Type: You can add your body allergies (if any) and blood type which again help emergency responders to quickly access your complete information.
  • Insurance: Incorporated with Insurance feature, it also allows easy access of your policy and other relevant information which could initiate the process of your admission to care center.
  • Lock Screen: Screen lock facility which helps in avoiding accidental pressing.

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