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Simplifying business processes reduces lot of efforts in every enterprise. Reporting management and tracking tools are of great help in simplifying the workflow processes. Dashboards continue to grab attention in every organizations. This is not just because of their visual appeal but they are of great help for organizations. Interactive dashboards help organizations in formulating communication strategies, monitoring and adjusting the execution of these strategies, and delivering insight to all.

With the growing demand of reporting and management tracking tools, Algoworks collaborated intelligent tools and techniques for one of its global supply chain management firm. The client was a leading supply chain planning and optimizing solution provider. Some of the solutions and facilities which the client was offering were Demand Planning & Forecasting, Inventory Optimization,Sales Inventory and Operations Planning ,Replenishment Optimization. Understanding the requirement of client, Algoworks offered its client a fool-proof reporting and dashboard application which magnifies the essentials input which were fetched from back-end server. As the values, variables and inputs were very crucial, therefore team of professionals at Algoworks maintained complete confidentiality and ensured that optimal accuracy is maintained at all levels. The application clearly displays the graphs based on mathematical calculations on the data retrieved from back end server.

Salient Points

  • Application is designed the way that users will find easy to interact with, share, and present data from a completely web perspective. The data can be easily transformed into stunning, interactive visualizations which provides great user interactivity.
  • This reporting and dashboard application is a robust solution which addresses the requirements of graphs, including the ability to customize filters and visualize reports in real-time.
  • Google Visualization makes the application more interactive hence user engagement is high. This gives an eye-catching visualization capability to the user which is another way of technology enhancement.
  • Reporting and dashboard application is complete personalized comprehensive business suite which offers online analytical processing, reporting and dashboard capabilities.
  • Application serves as a most innovative and advanced way of representing massive data in form of graphs.

Business Domain
Technologies and Frameworks
HTML5,JQuery,Web,CSS,Java,MySQL,SQLlite, Google Visualization

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