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About the App

For a UK based client our team of experts at Algoworks, have offered a Sage CRM solution on Mobile which is a secured framework. This business solution has helped the client in enhancing business productivity of an entire organization. Sage CRM on Mobile is a highly customizable application for your Sales Professionals. Having relevant fields like opportunities and leads allow Sales Executives to channelize and manage their customers in pipeline. Sage CRM on Mobile benefits them by helping with new acquisition of client on the mobile, close sales deal faster and therefore building more profitable relationship with customers.

Salient Points

  • Application Sage CRM on Mobile allows you to have an immediate access of customer’s information at your fingertips and enable you to perform key actions quite quickly.
  • Mobile Application on Sage CRM makes your sales personnel more productive while they are on road.
  • Application offers rich browser based user experience and enable your sales executives to work productively from any location.
  • With enterprise driven Mobility Solution based on Sage CRM there is an easy and instant access of customer’s information, schedule, and can also view records, emails and calls.
  • Application helps in viewing reports via your mobile device. This helps in making better business decisions.
  • Application on Mobile enables quick searches and updation of contacts, opportunities, leads and customer cases while your professionals’ location differs from that of yours.

Business Domain
Technologies and Frameworks
iOS,Objective C,Java,SQL Lite MySQL

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