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About the App

With growing demand of e-commerce and m-commerce business, there is a subsequent rise in the demand of secured payment gateway framework which can help in easy handling of financial data with complete confidentiality and security. Secured Payment Gateway Application, designed and developed by Algoworks, allows customer to easily process a credit card during a product sale while in the home of the customer. Application allows credit card processing during sale and purchase of product (books).Using the extensible feature of ROAM Data which is a m-platform enables businesses to deliver secure POS solutions hence easy and safe payment processing system.

Using Roam Data credit card processing system, you simply have to swipe the card and enter correctly the appropriate order remittance number, and the amount and the credit card details are quickly and securely sent for processing.Incorporating and combining powerful business application credit card processing tool like Roam Data, Secured Payment Gateway Application helps in delivering safe and easy merchandising payment gateway.Application helps in overcoming the technical challenges therefore streamlines payment procedure using credit card.

Salient Points

  • Flexible yet safe credit card processing framework.
  • Simply enter the credit card details and start merchandising.
  • You can choose to enter the details manually or just swipe the card to purchase orders.
  • Improves and strengthens m-commerce merchandising.

Business Domain
Enterprise, Retail and Shopping
Technologies and Frameworks
Android (Tabs),iOS

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