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About the App

It is quite difficult to manage shared assets. It is definitely a tedious and a challenging task. The complete process requires lot of organized workflow processes, clear communication and detailed record keeping. Such challenges were being faced by one of our global client. Algoworks offered its client a simplified and managed Shared Asset Management Application which helped the client to offer its customers an easier way of managing vacation homes, jets, boats and other shared assets.

Application Shared Asset Management, engineered by team of technical professionals is easily accessible to users through web browser or smartphone. The tasks which used to take long hours is now performed in few minutes. Therefore, the application saves lot of precious time and is resource independent too.

Salient Points

  • Easy accountability: Application allows importing transactions and adding bank accounts thereby helping the co-owners to keep an accurate accounting and tax history.
  • Proper scheduling: Definitive asset scheduling helps co-owners in knowing when the asset is in use.
  • Clear communication: Easy and clear communication among co-owners allow quick resolution of concerns. Users can attach photos and can provide additional details also.
  • To-do Listing: Streamlined process of assigning task to specific user and notifying him/her with individual responsibilities.
  • Easy Asset Maintenance: The detailed work orders help co-owners to easily keep track of maintenance related expenses.
  • Inventory Management: Easy listing of inventory items so that co-owners can keep track of all items within the asset.
  • Necessary Detailing: The application offers necessary details about the items in the asset in the form of FAQ’s.
  • Important contacts: Application enclose within the important contact details of important people associated with asset which can be quickly reached.
  • Relevant documents: Application also offers uploading of relevant documents related to asset. These document can be safely viewed and stored within the application.

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