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About the App

Digital preservation of literature and libraries has already made a great move. Organizing and adding digital content in your smartphone is one great way of preserving your intellect in form of stories and articles. Today everyone possesses a smartphone and so do the writers and bloggers. Development team of Algoworks developed an application Story Organizer,which gives its users freedom of scribbling their stories in their smartphone. While you are on the move and wish to complete your incomplete story, just use the application and start adding further. Add your own glossary with the application, therefore just feel at ease while you scribble through this application.

Salient Points

  • Start writing stories while on the move.
  • Story Organizer Application allows you to save your projects and complete the remaining project while you are travelling.
  • Save your stories in various sub-sections as this is an application developed keeping in mind the epic writers and editors viewpoint.
  • With secured username and password, users can save the projects.
  • The users can add glossary of each project they complete and therefore can use them for future reference.

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