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About the App

You may be capable of managing multiple projects simultaneously but at times there are certain tasks which requires scheduling of activities. Your work-related responsibilities includes lot of brainstorming of new and innovative ideas where you are creating and managing many to-do lists. There is a decent chance that you can be benefited from effective to-do list manager on your iPhone and Android. There are plenty of mobile applications which features the to-do list approach and therefore helps you streamline your work schedule.

Team of professionals developed a powerful and scalable application featuring the concept of to-do list and is named as Task Organizer application. With a very different approach the technical team collaborated wonderful features in this application which helps in managing information and deadlines, set priorities, and ultimately accomplish your various tasks and goals within stringent deadlines.The application allow users to create a single list of important items/tasks and remind the same to the user by sending alert notifications.

Salient Points

  • Task Organizer Application allow users to create a single list of tasks which needs their utmost importance.
  • The application displays the task by showing users the text of the task and image of the task (which is related to the task and it is optional).
  • Task Organizer Application sends a reminder of the items/task scheduled in the list either on daily or hourly basis.
  • Application allow users to delete the item in task list, change or modify the task or photos associated with that task.
  • Users can add the photos related to the task, either from the mobile gallery or library or can take a new photo using camera.
  • It sends notification to the users reminding the scheduling of task, therefore users get necessary reminding after pre-decided intervals.

Business Domain
spring-hibernate,Java,objective C,MySQL
iOS, Android

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