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About the App

Taxi Hiring mobile applications are helpful for both the end user as well as the enterprises. Having such applications on your smartphone allows you to find and book a taxi which picks you up at your doorstep. Instead of waiting for long hours to get the vehicle at your location, you simply have to download such GPS enabled applications on your smartphone and the taxi app does most of that for you. Taxi hiring applications simply notifies the nearest free taxi in the vicinity of your presence and allows you to book the same to pick you up using your location.You do not have to bother about giving directions to the drivers as well.

Team of Algoworks conceptualized Taxi Hiring in a form of Mobile Application for one of its renowned customer. Our customer provides a total solution to hired-car industry. The application, customized for our customer, is a handy transportation tool which is a fully automated system where complete booking process gets managed well with the application itself without human involvement. Even the taxi drivers do not have to sit idly looking for a fare, the app just gets in touch with them and they simply follow the coordinates and go and pick you up. This application saves a lot of time and effort. it essentially cuts out the taxi finding issues especially when you have time crunch.

Salient Points

  • Easy and well-managed taxi hiring application.
  • Drivers can easily navigate your location as the application is GPS enabled.
  • Application Taxi Hiring offers address translation feature where users can choose language (presently Chinese) to show the address to taxi drivers of their destination.
  • The application also serves as a great tool for getting around the city with directions.
  • The ‘track user safety’ part of application allow users to be tracked by the system, where they can see whether the taxi is been booked against their name or not. Furthermore, in the upcoming versions the user of the application can give permission to others to monitor their safety to destination.
  • Address translation feature of the application allows you to choose language. You can choose Chinese to show taxi drivers your destination address, or just to get around in the city with direction from locals at the street, this would be a great tool to have on your daily mobile.
  • The users of application can easily create their profile and manage their rides and do instant payments. Users can make the payment from the device using their valid credit card.
  • The ‘Blow Whistle’ tool of the application is for drivers where drivers get reminders or receive signals for event such as accident or road block which saves lot of time and energy.

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