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About the App

You must be unknown of the fact that some of the most influential people in history kept detailed journals of their lives. Such detailed journals are great memorizer and a permanent record for posterity. The memorizers and journals keep your experiences of life evergreen and long lasting. Talking to people about past, brings back many memorable moments of life. You will also see things eventually which you might have missed. You will climb to the next hill just to see the horizon.

Algoworks fabricated this idea of Trip Memorizer in the form of a Mobility Solution. By installing Trip Memorizer in your smartphone you can keep a record of your trip. Such travel memorizers are great way to record the trips and share the same with your friends. Whether it is waking up in Italy or visiting your friend nearby or planning to visit Pyramid of Giza you can capture the image and add the same to your trip recorder. Sharing is always fun and so does this application do. Photographs are the lifelong memories we cherish which ignites a spark in our present.

Travelers can use application, memorizer for making their journey memorable and they can also publish their journey with their family and friends. Travellers can capture their lovely moments and share their experiences in the form of Text, Audio, Video or Image. These Trips can be modified (add/delete text/pictures/videos) by travelers anytime.

Salient Points

  • Travel Memorizer is a beneficial application for travellers to remember their trip. With relevant content application allows user to add trip details by creating start and end date of trip.
  • Application allow users to login in the application using their email id or Facebook id. Social login enabled application helps users to share their events and happenings among family and friends.
  • Furthermore, application allow travellers to add Text,Video, Audio or an Image about the places they visit during their trip. Video can be shot and uploaded.
  • Travel Memorizer also allows travellers to choose their car (optional) and its detail which makes their trip more engaging as they can share the same with family and friends.
  • Travellers can save and share their location using GPS feature of the application. Travellers can also add the location manually if they want.

Business Domain
Utility and Travel
Technologies and Frameworks
Android,Cake PHP java

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