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About the App

Algoworks developed an application Sports Venue Finder, for its U.S. client. A sports lover will definitely love this application. This application allows the user to check where his seat is located on different sports venue. In a huge crowd it is very difficult to search for your seat in the stadium, therefore Sports Venue Locator helps users to locate their seats and show how far it is from their current location.

Salient Points

  • Before users are heading for venue, they can check out the venue location. They can even confirm their seat section while they are at the venue and enjoy the game without any hassle.
  • Sports Venue Locator allows users to see how good the seat section is before users make a ticket purchase.
  • Seating charts are available for all sports venues in the United States.

Business Domain
Technologies and Frameworks
Objective C, Cocoa framework, XCode IDE, SQLite, iOS Libraries

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