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About the App

In this busy routine it is very difficult to keep a track of each and everything. Something is ought to be miss out. Taking security and safety as primary concern, Algoworks developed a video application for one of its leading cloud video surveillance service provider. Video Surveillance Application serves a great purpose and takes security to the next level. Application allows users to watch 24/7 real-time feed of their property and assets on their smartphones or tablets. Application also provides the provision of keeping an eye over children or elderly parents at home through live video feed on smartphones and tablets.

Salient Points

  • Application allows connection with existing cameras in very less time.
  • Users can easily watch live streaming video over the web any time and can get notifications of any movement or noise at your place.
  • Using this Video Surveillance Application you can also monitor office location, warehouse or shop. You can watch your records in cloud archive. Stay vigilant about what is happening in your business.
  • The application also serves as a great protection tool for monitoring children. Ensure yourself that your children are safe while you’re gone. Application also sends notification of any motion or sound detected so that you can just sit and relax and no need to constantly glue to the screen.
  • Amuse yourself watching what your pet’s daily routine is really like when you’re not home. This can be monitored right from your smartphone and tablets.
  • Application allows storing recordings on cloud. Your footage remains accessible on cloud for up to 30 days. You can view the archived videos anytime, anywhere.
  • You can even download video in AVI format, can view on offline mode or even can stream over the web.
  • Most of the video surveillance applications are quite clumsy, but this application is developed in a manner as friendly as possible.
  • Application also allows to export video into AVI or take snapshot.
  • You can also mark your surveillance cameras on Google Maps.
  • Application allows to share access of their cameras with their employees or friends.

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