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About the App

Wealth Management Application which can also be termed as Wealth Management Framework, concisely defines its usability in Retail and Private Banks. Wealth Management Application is a comprehensive solution to support all aspects of Private Banking and Wealth Management business. Algoworks Technologies with its technical expertise offered Wealth Management Application with its state-of-the-art solution for the private banking and wealth management industry.

We must know that Private Banking and Wealth Management business has faced various crisis over past years. Banks have significantly evolved various ways to deliver banks’ products and services to their ever demanding clients. Also, the regulatory framework in which these banks operate is getting more and more complex and as a Technology frontrunner we believe that to remain competitive with this changing trends and stringent policies, private bank must adopt new technology strategies and business models.

The banking business model in US, UK and Europe is fairly different from that of Asia where main focus is on wealth creation rather than wealth preservation and transmission.With an idea of allowing banks to adapt new business and delivery models, Algoworks offered its client,a streamlined and centralized IT architecture and a user interface which help providing banks a solution that offered them flexibility and agility to remain competitive in changing environment.

Salient Points

  • Wealth Management App is an integrated approach for field executives and investment bankers.
  • App is a comprehensive and well-knitted solution for managing portfolio of High Net Worth individuals.
  • Wealth Management Application allows field executives to do customer profiling and maintaining portfolio for each client and thereby uniquely defining customer’s portfolio across various assets, investment options and taxation information.
  • Field executives using this application can maintain a good database of all their investors’ information regarding their financial health therefore, seamless transaction workflow can be maintained and facilitating better client management.
  • Using Wealth Management Application banks can easily capitalize on their customer base therefore by creating additional revenue streams based on customer’s net worth banks can extend mass affluent products and services tailoring to these customer’s unique needs.
  • Wealth Management Application eases the workflow management of field executives as they just have to carry their device on client visit instead of piles of documents and files. This eases documentation and maintenance of client’s history.
  • Wealth Management System is a modular, scalable solution designed for private and retail banks therefore enabling their field executives to maintain risk assessment details, portfolio management and taxation analysis.
  • Wealth Management Application helps banks to decrease implementation time and related costs.Moreover by adapting updated technology bank’s can meet specific needs.
  • Application allows multiple users to work on a single system resulting in cost-effectiveness.
  • Application gives banks greater opportunity to forge deeper relationships with clients as it decreases the proximity between banks and it’s clients.

Business Domain
Technologies and Frameworks
Objective C, Java, jQuery, MySQL, SQL Lite

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