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Algoworks provides complete mobile development services including consulting, designing, development, testing, customization, and support services.

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Our Core Services

We create awesome mobile apps

Mobile & Cloud consulting

We use proven mobile and cloud strategies to bring you best return on investments. We are experts in building cloud based infrastructures on a wide range of technology platforms including mobile techs.

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Application Design & Delivery

Complete A to Z designing and development of mobile and cloud apps. We create mobile solutions that not only cover all platforms and devices, but are also beautiful, high performing, and provide seamless user experience.

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Manual & Automation Testing

Suffering from app bugs? or Just need to make sure that your app provide a seamless user experience? Just rely on us. We will make sure that your app will always look and work good in front of your customers.

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Team Extension & BOT

Need to fast track a project? Or just need technical expertise to troubleshoot a project? Or need an expert to take some load off your shoulders? Our whole team of skilled professional are at your disposal.

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Who We Are

We specialize in pushing the boundaries of what mobile can do for your business. Creating chart-topping apps are our forte and by now we have developed more than 500 apps for web, social, mobile ,and cloud platforms for clients all over the world. We believe in providing complete device coverage rather than targeting a single device type therefore we have acquired high level of expertise in all mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and HTML5 hybrid platforms.
So never miss a customer just because you cant reach them. Bring your whole business to mobile, web, and cloud platforms.

We are mobile experts

Contact our experts for free consulting and quote, we sign NDAs before consulting.

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