Why an organization needs collaboration portal to increate productivity?

It is a web based platform, comes up with extranet and intranet configuration, allows business to share information, documentations, projects and integrating operations. It steps ahead your business, offering 24×7 functionality and secured collaboration for business partners, distributer, supplier, vendor, consumer, office employees and other business associates. Extranet is highly affordable option for all size and type of companies, facilitate complex virtual private networks (VPN) that increases work flow and eliminate chances of inaccuracy. Additionally, intranet allows you easily share data and other computing resources with office staff and business associates, so perfectly suited for teleconferences and group working staff.


Significant benefits of portals and collaboration development for your business

  • Offers excellent platform for communication, collaboration and data sharing.
  • Helps in giving client support, product demo, joint project management and online catalogues.
  • Offers ease in operation without compromising on security level.
  • Allows business associates to easily access the business information.
  • Can find out standard as well as customized system, suiting your specific needs.
  • Comes up with firewall server, able to screen both incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Quite intuitive and user-friendly, can be operated by even a non-professional one.
  • Enables user to manage priorities, upcoming responsibility, completion date and schedules.
  • Allow you to search out desirable file within just a click of mouse.


Why chose Algoworks for portals and collaboration development?

Algoworks offer specialized services for portals and collaboration development that is even employed for general public obligations such as emailing, public forum, search engines, online shopping and web portals. Our professionals integrate this online portal application into your existing system to significantly improving the performance and productivity level of your organization. Specialized service ranges include content and data management system, intranet & extranet systems, e-commerce storefronts, online forums and discussion boards that keep business associates connected round the clock.


Our business offerings

  • CMS development and management – comes up with web based documentation library through which user can easily create, manage and store content with high-level of accuracy.
  • Creation of sites – allows you easily create and manage various types of sites include departmental sites, document libraries, meetings sites, survey sites and discussion boards.
  • Customized user interface – everything will be tailored meeting your specific obligation, while add additional features such as shortcut keys, personalized data and friendly designing for driving up your business operation.
  • Advanced AJAX development – allows you share files and documents at a central places that in turn widen up the business collaboration across the organization.
  • Web analytics and reporting
  • Configuration, Deployment and customization
  • Content Migration and testing services


Advantage Algoworks

  • Highly expert team of experts
  • Extensive work experience.
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Rapid project development and deployment


We are working with many clients as to collaborate and develop their portal and collaboration applications. We can help you as well. To have a free consultation, please contact us on sales@algoworks.com or call +1-877-284-1028.


Portals and Collaboration as Preferred Solution

Portal and collaboration allows business as well as employee productivity. It offers the platform for discussions; transactions and strengthens organization’s relationship with the customer. Other features include easy deployment, configuration, content migration and resting services. Portals and collaborations have now emerged as an amazing engine for revenue growth.  It is the best element for managing diverse operating system in the business organization, enhances employee productivity and customer relationship by providing stronger and faster decision-making solutions. Portal and collaboration helps in document centralization, process automation, effective information archiving and content management.