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About the App

Enterprise Mobility has engulfed the technology market. Various technological and business solutions have simplified the business processes and therefore, reduced lot of efforts in every enterprise. PurSale Application, specifically engineered for one of Algoworks’ esteemed client is a highly sophisticated and customized business application. Featuring relevant pointers and touching the art of precision, the developers at Algoworks, minutely fabricated the application. PurSale application helped client in achieving streamlined sale and purchase process, timely generation of invoice, proper management of invoice thereby building profitable customer relationship.

PurSale tracker is a handy tool for entrepreneurs for managing sales, profit and purchase. This intuitive sales tracker application is well designed and therefore providers a friendly UI to enter sales of product or service easily.

Salient Points

  • GPS Tracker Helps Routing : PurSale application available for smartphones and tablets offer users real time information.Application uses GPS tracking system therefore tracking all activities of sales personnel is very easy. This tracking system also helps in improving team performance. Users can visualize their customers in map and can define territories for their sales reps.
  • Avoid Duplicacy : Application helps in avoiding duplicate errors by sending orders and invoices and payments records while visiting customers. Users need not to type everything twice. Whatever users create on app gets synchronized to the cloud and then to QuickBooks. Users can add items, discounts and comments to the order or invoice for customers while sales personnel are visiting them.
  • Easy and Streamlined Tracker : PurSale application helps in easy tracking of field sales activities and therefore boost sales representative’s productivity. Application helps in sales routes visualization, creation of invoices, opening invoices list, record of payments, orders/invoices creation, open invoices list and record of payments and inventory & pricing information.
  • Miscellaneous Benefit : Users can view the sale purchase record and profit by weekly, monthly, and yearly profit trends with detailed and clearly defined bar chart and line chart. Add, delete, edit sales records. Easy importing of sales item from csv file. Sorting and filtering sales record is quite easy. Streamlined reporting in csv, html and excel xml. All important sales report can be exported and emailed. Easy backup and restore database to SD card, Dropbox™ and Google Docs. Even application takes auto backup database to SD card when exiting the app.

Business Domain
Enterprise, Finance
iOS (OBJ-C), Windows, FMDB
Android, iOS

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