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About the App

World is mobilizing exponentially. Our basic necessity which includes food, clothes and houses are available on mobile hotspots. Our client is a large real asset business entrepreneur who approached Algoworks Technology team, looking for better and streamlined business solution which could simplify organization’s operational business and channelize marketing workforce.

Algoworks, developed a scalable and an unitutive real estate application Abode Search Application, which streamlined various business processes carried by marketing workforce. There are many exclusive features and great benefits of this real estate application which are mentioned below.

Salient Points

  • Listing and taking virtual tours becomes faster.
  • Various marketing professionals can contact their clients’ instantly using messaging facility.
  • GPS integration with mobile application helps in easy navigation of houses which eases the work of various marketing professionals.
  • Instant notification to new listing of houses, price reductions, open houses, seminars.
  • Event Calendar – instant access to open house listing, community events, seminars.
  • Well-integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Photos etc.
  • Photo/image submission capability.
  • Application allow using filters to make your own custom real estate search like budget, neighbourhood, number of beds and more.
  • Abode Search application also help in narrowing down the search even more with specifics such as sofas, TVs, AC, pools, parking and gas.
  • Application also allow scrolling through vivid, full-screen interior photos of home.
  • Abode search Application helps in shortlisting and saving your favourite homes to easily refer back to them.
  • Such shortlisted houses can be accessed anytime as you can mark alerts across all devices against these personalized houses, therefore any updates on these shortlisted houses triggers a notification.

Business Domain
CardView,Adobe-CreativeSDK, CropImage,ImageProcessing,OpenCv,RecyclerView, UniversalImageLoader, SQLite

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