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Travelling? Partying out? Party venues, bars and pubs, conference halls, sport stadiums, auditoriums welcomes thousands of spectators and customers each day. Event sponsors pay huge amount to attenders who manually do the apparel management process, which is time-consuming and creates nuisance at the place. And if by any chance the number of spectators goes beyond lakhs which usually happens in FIFA Cup, people hovering over to watch their favourite player chasing goals, the scene becomes completely disruptive. Aiding technology to this manual process yielded great results, when team of technocrats offered comprehensive technology solution to one of its elite client.

Algoworks innovated an ultimate enterprise driven business solution to one of its privileged customer and offered them Apparel Managing Application. The client observes more than seventy thousand visitors each time an event takes place. It was a messy process to manage such huge number of apparels. With this exhaustive technology solution client is able to offer more personalized and streamlined customer service. Managing apparels of huge customers is really bothering, messy and definitely a time consuming process. It would be so well-defined, well-informed and well-managed, was just a dream made true by team of professionals at Algoworks. Technically well-equipped Apparel Managing Application opened a gateway to provide peace of mind to customers.

Salient Points

  • Apparel Managing Application is a great management application for event management sponsors as serves a well-ordered process of managing application.
  • Application reads the NFC and quickly tag the customers with their belongings.
  • Apparel Managing application can be used on an offline mode too, which states that users do not require to have internet connection to use the same.
  • Application promptly sends the notification to the user-entered-phone number about the details of apparel handed over. This notification (sender code) can be used later for collecting the dress back.
  • The NFC enabled application improves inventory accuracy and significantly reduces inventory management time.
  • The Application handles bundles of data both of apparels and customers. therefore, can be used by many mobility loyalty program vendors to know the customer behaviour.

Business Domain
Utility, Enterprise, Retail and Shopping
Magento, Android(SQLite),Backend(MySQL) ,WordPress

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