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We are all aware of the fact that construction is amongst the largest industrial sector of any country. Construction industry makes a significant contribution to national economy of any country as it employs a large number of workforces.Even the construction industry owners are beginning to understand the true potentials of using smartphone and tablet devices at work. Finding speaks that average cost of paper per employee is $80 and it takes an average of 18 minutes to find a paper document. Largely 70% of business would fail in three weeks if there occurs sudden loss of paper due to fire and flood. There is always a decrease in worker’s productivity, increase in risk/liability and decrease operational efficiency if paper is used in any business.

To establish a trusting relationship between the customer and sales representative, Algoworks Technologies engineered a scalable and robust mobile application ArchGuide which is a comprehensive guide of construction material being used by construction companies. This consolidated mobile application is of great use for sales representatives as they find it easy to showcase their company’s material used at various places. To mega scale the projects of construction industry, this application uses new technologies and deploying real time project management strategies brings revolutionary changes altogether in the system.

Salient Points

  • ArchGuide clearly elaborates the construction material been used in any building, office premises, institution or other.
  • Application helps in getting discrete idea of product being used for various purposes and therefore, sales representatives can easily understand the customer’s experience and market penetration locally and regionally.
  • ArchGuide is a great guide application for architects which helps them in understanding that detail the material been used in defined carpet area of desired area or specific location.
  • ArchGuide also allow Sales Representatives to share the product/material details with their prospective(architect) customers using email or social media platforms.
  • Application ArchGuide uses various filters which shows project models based on user’s current location and filters the project photo as well.

Business Domain
Technologies and Frameworks
Android, Backend provided by Client(PHP), Android(SQLite), Universal Image Loader, Google Play Services, AndroJNCryptor
iOS, Android

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