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About the App

Clean Environment brings prosperity and good luck. Today everyone is yearning for pollution free environment. Surveys show that environmental pollution is reducing life expectancy ratio. This was the aim of one of the global clients of Algoworks. With an aim of cleanliness drive, client wanted to have application for mobile devices.

Rivers and streams are like the blood vessels that go to our heart. To keep these rivers and streams clean and maintain a healthy environment is imperative. Smartphones and tablets have become basic necessity for every human and there is ever-growing popularity of mobile applications. Application CleanoSpecto is a trash-reporting application that allows you to map trash hot-spots in waterways like rivers, streams, ocean etc. The trash is specifically considered plastic waste in rivers, streams, lakes and coastlines. The application allows users to grow community missioned at cleaning activity around the waterways.

Salient Points

  • Application allows you to map the trash sites on public CleanoSpecto map./li>
  • Using CleanoSpecto application users can upload trash sites’ photo and data.
  • Using CleanoSpecto application users, can be a part of cleanliness drive and cleanup community, from anywhere in the world. Even if users can’t help in the clean up processes, they can just report the trash hot-spots.
  • Application also allow users to download the public data such as trash hot-spots for science and social science projects in schools and for cleanliness awareness by government agencies or autonomous body.

Business Domain
Utility, Consumer
iOS (OBJ-C), Andriod(Java)
Android, iOS

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