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About the App

With the increasing demand for regulatory compliance (HIPAA), interoperability and the end-user technology which includes mobile and multiple operating systems, testing of healthcare web applications becomes necessity of the hour. The process of testing requires in depth technology expertise, relevant and significant time, proficient resources, eagle eye precision and definitely the inflated costs.

Having rich experience in testing methodology for various domain, team of software testers at Algoworks took an initiative of testing the web application of a global healthcare service provider, by using various manual testing and automation testing tools.Teams which holds strong experience in testing, performed multi-platform testing, performance testing and load testing of healthcare e Learning web application.

Salient Points

  • Addressing to the key essentials of healthcare e Learning framework, team of testers addressed to the key cost drivers of this healthcare application, therefore ensured that a robust framework is offered for automated interoperability testing.
  • Application Healthcare eLearning portal has been tested for its functional capabilities which includes the testing of healthcare workflows across the enterprise.
  • Taking into account all compliance procedures and legal proceedings decided by HIPAA, FDA and VA requirements, the conformance testing of this application ensures all security requirements.
  • Application Healthcare eLearning portal has been tested for various mobile platforms and web portal also. Also, the application has been tested for cross browser compatibility.
  • Team of software testers also hold expertise in load and performance testing and testing this application on load and performance benchmarks.

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