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About the App

Your every selfie is now just perfect. Algoworks designed and developed ICam application for iPhone and Android platform which allows you to click your selfie, edit it and post them among friends and others. The moment you capture your photo you can enhance the natural beauty of your face using various editing tools.

Using extensive set of tools and techniques of ICam application, users can perfectly take their most alluring shots. Retouching effects helps you edit tired eyes, add filters, easily remove wrinkles, adjust skin tones, change background and even reshape your face. Application allows you to capture the precious moments with ease and elegance without the hassle and helps you in applying filters afterwards!

Salient Points

  • Real-time beautifying effects available in the application, makes you look just perfect in every frame.
  • Application also allows to revitalize your selfie by make a short video.
  • ICam also lets you to bring stylish effects in camera preview mode to give you fashionable look before you snap the shot.
  • Multi-face detection allows you to touch-up every face in your group shots.
  • Application defines few simple steps to give your face flawless and luminous shot.
  • ICam chooses best selfie of the week and make them featured pictures for that week.
  • Face reshaper feature of the application allows you to give your face perfect dreamy appearance.
  • ICam application allows you to stylize and share your selfie with friends.
  • ICam allows you to take beautiful pics by using various available 100+ unique artistic filters.
  • Application allows you to take beautiful pictures and share the photo on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Take beautiful photo with the available 100+ unique artistic filters.
  • Tell your own story through decorations using ICam. Make you pictures artsy with light effects. Make them unique with diverse range of stickers.
  • Create impression that will last forever.

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