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About the App

Researchers have found that there are several benefits of m-learning. Some very obvious are convenience and flexibility. There are many other advantages like immediate feedback that leads to speedy remediation and ability to refer material which helps in decision making. Various e-learning portals are now shifting to mobile platforms because of such advantages. Tablets, mini pads and phablets have given users the flexibility and convenience of accessing information anywhere and anytime. For one of the global leading e-learning service provider, Algoworks developed a robust and scalable m-learning application Lecturio which is a dynamic learning framework offering education to students on the go. Children are finding smarter ways of learning and this application offers the best possible features.

Salient Points

  • Between band practice, soccer and everything else who is going to pour through hundreds of pages of text pages. Lecturio Application saves lot of precious time which they can use effectively in other important tasks.
  • Designed intuitively Lecturio gives simplified and easily navigable features which creates interest in students.
  • The videos about the chapters and practical assignments uploaded in the application, makes the tough tasks very easy and they are just cakewalk for students.
  • Lecturio Application, keeps a track of all new assignments allocated by professors. this way students are always updated with new information.
  • Lecturio makes even the difficult subject like Math, Reading, Science, History, Spanish, Sign Language very easy and simple.
  • Lessons and assignment in Lecturio are complete information in small packages which makes the lengthy lessons crisp and interesting.
  • Lecturio App offers you personalized progress tracking systems where parents can easily identify and track the areas of improvement.
  • Application is designed with engaging study guides which help your children to quickly refresh their skills, even if they have forgotten the main lessons.
  • Check child’s progress report using personalized profile by username and password.
  • Integrated with audio and video clips functionality, where you can download learning video/audio in your smartphone, therefore can use it for future learning purpose.
  • Discover an online arsenal of hundreds of videos on Lecturio Application which breakdown the time-consuming lessons and makes them easy to learn.Pause, rewind, and play them as many times as needed.

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