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About the App

Smartphone adoption has fueled social networking throughout the globe. Location based advertising, social networking mobile applications, mobile gaming have brought a whole new revolution to the social media marketing.

Who knew that within a span of 15 years we would be carrying our social lives around in our pockets. Marketing professionals interested in social networking mobile applications are using it for driving innovative marketing campaigns. People are unleashing the power of smartphone devices, whether they are standing on a train platform or waiting between meetings, they are completely engrossed with mobile devices and smart mobile applications enabled in it.

Algoworks is prolific. There are thousands of social networking applications available today in the Mobile Ecosystem. Having Social Networking application with Location based functionality was the task easily done by team of tech-giants at Algoworks. Application m-Trending is a hyper local message broadcasting application which enables users to broadcast their views in forms of messages using picture/video plus text or may be only text.

Salient Points

  • m-Trending application allow people to stay connected.
  • Application fetches your current location and showcases you the location based posts of that particular region.
  • Location based posts also helps in knowing trends happening in that particular region, therefore simplifies marketing strategy process.
  • m-Trending application allow users to stay social using Facebook, Google+, Linkedin.
  • Users can stay social by sharing opinions.
  • m-Trending application also offers you with Help option, incase the user is new in town.
  • Application m-Trending helps in connecting with people nearby, that is their current location.
  • Amazing Trending feature of the application allow users to view the top trending posts of that particular region, therefore it is quite easy to see the upcoming trends.

Business Domain
iOS (OBJ-C), Andriod(Java), MongoDb, Node JS
iOS, Android

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