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There have been increase of 10% in sales for B2B marketers, when they implemented marketing automation software. More than 63% of companies have grown faster than their competitors while they used marketing automation software. Even the 78% successful marketers state that marketing automation is most responsible for increasing revenue contribution.

Studies also reflect that when enterprises use marketing automation software they tend to convert 53% more leads into marketing qualified leads, and report revenue growth on average 3.1% greater than companies which have not implemented a marketing automation platform.

For an esteemed client, Algoworks developed a framework, Marketing Automation Application which automates and scale repetitive marketing tasks and the subsequent analysis of those efforts. The application highlights are mentioned herewith:

Salient Points

  • Compelling landing pages: Marketing Automation application templates and tools allow you to quickly create landing pages including forms, images and videos.
  • Connect your emails and chats: Application helps you to connect with tools you use for marketing, and include your favorite chat and email.
  • Filtration and focussing: The automated lead scoring feature of the application enables you to identify prospects with the highest potential for conversion.
  • Autoresponders : Users can automatically send a series of emails to new leads
    for any list to keep in contact and stay top-of-mind, therefore nurture your leads.
  • Lead capture machine and lead intelligence: Application reveals a deep set of data including website activity, social profiles and visitor location.
  • Proper review and refine: Powerful reporting feature of the application gives insights which helps you in analyzing and improve your campaigns.
  • Easy management: Managing and engaging your prospects is easy and converting more customers is also a fast process now. You can grow your referrals automatically.
  • Driving and Nurturing leads: Driving new and qualified leads and nurture leads into customers enhances funnel conversion rates with lifecycle marketing campaigns.
  • Automated Communication: Automated customer communication, save times, improves workforce efficiency and eases marketing automation workflows.

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