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About the App

Times have changed drastically and it has become imperative for modern businesses to adapt the latest technologies.The World of Technology have brought a surge to the Mobile World. With more and more smartphone users, looking for robust and intuitive mobile apps for various use and functionality, the demand for customized mobile apps have also increased substantially. Majority of far-sighted, smart entrepreneurs are currently taking the advantage of mobile app phenomenon to boost their business and maximize revenues.
With this growing and unending need, of entrepreneurs, Algoworks Technologies have fabricated an awesome Mobile Application, MeCam. Application MeCam is a customized Application which can be customized for various organizations like schools, colleges, hospitals, medical care centers, learning institutions, product manufacturing enterprises and many more. Completely customized application for each domain, allow users to interact using audio call, video call, chatting and other communication mediums.

Salient Points

  • MeCam application allows you to chat/call or video call among your desired network.
  • Application MeCam streamlines the business processes as users can have clear interaction among themselves.
  • Irrespective of your location, users, using this mobile video calling application among their group employees/students/ colleagues. Therefore, MeCam allows you to connect with right people, at the right time in the right place.
  • MeCam also allow users to use tag feature with your friends/colleagues/employees.

Business Domain
Enterprise, Social
iOS/Android/Java+Spring, iOS, Android, Backend CMS, Spring MVC, Hibernate, MongoDB, UIKIT Foundation, CoreGraphics, MessageUI, Twitter, StoreKit, MediaPlayer, QuartzCore, System Configuration, Open tok, Smart fox
iOS, Android

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